Maximize Kitchen Function While Minimizing Kitchen Frustration

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If you thought bathrooms were hard to organize, kitchens have to be the worst, especially if you have a big family or guests on a regular basis. You want space. You want organization. You want the professionals at Space Age Shelving Burlington to help! Here are a few tips to get you started on the path to kitchen nirvana:

  • Decide what you use most often. Store the items you use the most in easy-to-reach locations. The pie pans you only use once a year can be moved further back in cupboards, then relocated to more accessible locations during the season you need them. The same is true for summer plastics and dinnerware. Why have them upfront in your cupboard once summer’s over? When it comes to organization, the most used items should get center stage.
  • What do you love to make? Know your go-to food creations and recipes. If you love to bake or barbecue, keep your ingredients (even your secret ingredients) in one area.
  • Too many things? Grouping items by function makes it easier to locate in the throes of cooking chaos. It also makes it easier to distinguish what items are worth keeping. How many strawberry hullers do you really need (and do they all work)?
  • Who doesn’t love a good cookbook? Printed recipes can easily take over. Clip out and create a binder of your favourites.  Our resident “closet organizer” Wendy, has her recipes stored in binders, using clear page protectors (easy to keep clean), and alphabetically arranged by food group (i.e. appetizers, soups, vegetables, chicken, desserts). Now that’s organized!
  • What about waste? Recycling, compost and trash bins should be out of the way – but nearby. Use a family rotation schedule to keep waste from “wasting space”.

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