Pull-Outs, Hardware, Hinges

No time (or money) to renovate your kitchen, bedroom, office, or bathroom? No problem! There are lots of ways you can update and modernize your space. Here are Margaret’s Top 3 favourites:

1. Full extension pull-outs are great for cupboards, drawers, and cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, and well, everywhere! If you’re tired of trying to reach the back of your cabinet (for the heaviest item on earth), talk to us! Custom pull outs are great for people of all ages and physical abilities. Connect with Space Age Shelving. We’ll carefully measure and custom fit to your cupboard, drawer or cabinet.

2 drawer pull out for under counters

2-drawer pull-out under counters in kitchens and bathrooms


Pantry pull-out – Wow! Look at all that space!

3-drawer pullout for under counters

3-drawer pull-out for better organization under counters


2. New hardware: We have access to a huge selection of cabinet hardware, including pulls, knobs, push plates, and more in the widest selection of finishes, materials, and design combinations available today. From trendy to traditional, come browse the extensive catalogue selection of hardware, crafted by world-renowned designers, manufactured according to strict quality guidelines, and suited to every budget. Want to replace your hardware? No problem! Bring a knob, pull or backplate with you. We’ll measure it up and point you in the right direction.

3. New hinges: Old hinges can date your space faster than a pet rock. Not only do they crack and break, they’re also an unsightly visual distraction – not to mention the noise when they close. Had enough of the banging? Replace your hinges with soft close options, hide them away, and update every cabinet and cupboard in your home. Silence is golden. Talk to the experts at Space Age Shelving for concealed hinges for wood and glass, mitre hinges, drill in concealed hinges, glass door hinges, and more.


The possibilities are endless! Come talk to the experts at Space Age Shelving today! Ready for more space saving solutions and brilliant organizing ideas? Subscribe to our Blog!