Built-In Bedroom Headboards

Sure, you could have a plain old monitor/t.v. stand in your master bedroom or guest bedroom, but why not complete the picture with something like this – and gain a ton of space, not to mention a beautifully warm atmosphere and place to sleep!

bedroom wall unit




Headboard Ideas for Master Bedroom

This master bedroom makeover delighted our homeowners. Read Nancy and Bill’s review. We can design one for you too! Set up your complimentary in-home consultation now or request a quote. Both are absolutely on us (aka FREE!) and there’s no obligation.

built in headboard

Built In Headboard with Nightstands

Look at all the gorgeous space we created by adding cupboards and night tables with drawers. Behind those doors could be shelves for storing blankets, sheets, and pillows or hanging storage for nightwear. Oh yes… we thought of everything.

Nobody does it better than Space Age Shelving Burlington. Remember, we offer a best price guarantee and great customer service so you can sleep at night. What can we design and build for you today?