Under Cabinet Storage in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Does Reaching Cause You Pain?

If you have back problems or arthritis, you’re going to love this solution for reaching all the stuff you keep under bathroom and kitchen counters.

Cabinet Organizers and Pull-Outs

Clever huh? Under-counter storage has never been easier. Pull-outs are custom made to fit your cabinets. They can be one or two tiered depending on water pipe placement. Oh so easy. This simple solution can reduce pain and strain in your back, shoulders, neck, hands, and of course knees – because you’ll no longer to have to get down on your knees to see or reach what’s at the back of the cupboard, in this case, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Under-cabinet storage isn’t just for underneath sinks. You can create more storage under kitchen counters too. Imagine a drawer that’s home to all your pots and pans. No more “losing your lid” in that never-ending cupboard (where those pesky covers love to hide).

This seriously simple, yet oh so effective solution is brought to you by Space Age Shelving Burlington. Experts when it comes to improving lives through storage and organization.

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