We’re Not Kidding! Gain More Space in Your Garage!

Living space is at a premium these days.

We get that. So what happens to all the “stuff” that used to be in your unfinished basement before you finished it to gain space for the family? It’s in the garage of course! And the car’s new home is the driveway. Hey, at least it’s still on your property.

You can gain significant amounts of space in your garage just by adding hanging systems and shelves. No matter how small your garage is, there are ways to turn it into a functional space for tools, storage boxes, luggage, bikes, boards, golf clubs and other important sports equipment. Does your garage look like this?

messy cluttered garageout of control boxesIt doesn’t have to. Wouldn’t you rather see something like this when you open your garage door?

garage accessoriesLet us design your new garage storage system. We always offer complimentary consultations. Finding more space is easy for the experts at Space Age Shelving. We’ve been doing it since 1986. Book your consultation today! You’re one phone call away from actually finding what you need in the garage.