The Lack of Storage in New Homes

custom melamine closetsLove your new home, but hate the shortage of storage? The closet and storage specialists at Space Age Shelving can help. Here are 5 “often overlooked areas” where you can maximize storage, minimize clutter, and make the most of your living space.

  • Closets: more than just a rod and a shelf. Take your closet to new heights with adjustable wire shelving available in standard sizes – or custom cut to suit every space – at no cost. Perfect for front hall closets, linen closets, bedroom closets, walk-in closets, and laundry room closets.
  • Family Rooms: custom cabinetry for organization of electronic components and storage of movies, games, toys, books and more…
  • Garages: work benches, organization for tools, sports equipment, over head storage, etc.
  • Hallways & Dining Rooms: custom cabinetry from floor to ceiling for oodles more storage space.
  • Home Offices: work surfaces, drawers, closed cabinetry (over head and filing), open book shelving, and computer and task tables.

Working within a Budget?

adjustable wire closet by Space Age Shelving Burlington

Adjustable Wire Shelving is so versatile and affordable. You can start with the basics and add more as you go along.

Even better! Tell us exactly how much you have to spend and we’ll help you figure out a custom solution that works for you. No pressure, no up-selling – just storage and organization that’s customized and affordable for you.

Not sure where to start? Choose the area where you spend the most amount of time, then talk to us! We offer smart storage solutions for every need and every budget!