Utility Closets Unlike McGee’s!

Our Salute to McGee’s Closet (no, you don’t want one)…

fibber mcgee and molly A radio program called Fibber McGee and Molly aired an episode in 1940 called “Cleaning the Closet” in which wife Molly opens the closet looking for the dictionary and is promptly buried in Fibber’s “stuff”.

Cleaning out the closet became a running theme. The gag involved McGee’s frequently opening a cacophonous closet, with the bric-a-brac it contained clattering down and out and, often enough, over McGee’s or Molly’s heads. “I gotta get that closet cleaned out one of these days” was the usual McGee observation once the racket subsided. Hence the enduring term, “McGee’s Closet“. Ask anyone of that era… they’ll know. (photo credit: Fibber McGee and Molly, Wikipedia)

Fast forward to 2017. We still have too much stuff for our closets. Here are 2 perfectly organized closets for you to “swoon” over.

organized utility closetorganized reach in closet


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