Tips to Keep Sports Gear Organized

sports gearAh, the sporting life…

Rewarding but tricky trying to store all the gear. Camping and hiking gear, baseball gloves, bats, shoulder pads and helmets, bicycles, scooters, tennis…  You want to have fun – and we want you to, so here are some tips to help you keep your gear organized, accessible and game-ready:

  • Create a space for each sport/recreational activity and store like with like (ie camping gear, cycling gear, hockey gear)
  • Stow out-of-season gear away from in-season gear so it’s easy to spot
  • Store your footwear and potentially stinky gear outdoors (in the garage)
  • Clear out the old equipment the kids have grown out of or aren’t interested in any more
  • Keep everything clean (tents, sleeping bags, etc.) and ready for your next event.

Finding your sports gear shouldn’t be a frustrating scrimmage. We can help! We’ll custom design and build a storage system in your garage, closet or basement that’s award worthy and friendly on the budget. Here’s to sports!