The Biggest Returns in Renovations

Renovating and remodeling is a great way to bring a home up to date, adapt to changing needs and improve resale value.

Appraisal Institute of CanadaHere are the top 5 renovations that offer the biggest returns, according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada. We love #4!

  1. Kitchen. It’s the most popular renovation because people spend so much time in “the heart of the home”. A kitchen renovation offers a return on investment of 75%+.
  2. Bathroom. Bathrooms are the second most popular renovation area and yields an ROI of 75%+. Whether changing the footprint or updating fixtures and finishes, bathroom renovations offer excellent returns.
  3. Floors. Replacing old, outdated or damaged flooring changes the look and feel of the entire home and boasts a return of 50% – 75%.
  4. Closets. While the return on investment varies, a well-planned closet, pantry, garage, laundry room, or basement with lots of storage and organization is a must-have for many potential buyers. Update organizing and storage systems and enjoy all of the new found space.
  5. Energy Updates. Investigating energy efficient windows, water heaters, and appliances could save you (and your buyer) tons of money.

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