Ahhh… Cottage Life – Relaxed and Organized

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Happy Canada Day tomorrow! If you’re heading out to the cottage, cabin or camp, drive safely, don’t use handheld devices, and remember to wear your sunscreen!

When you’re not enjoying the great outdoors, use a critical eye to detect indoor disaster or problem areas in the kitchen, living spaces, bedrooms or bathrooms. Does the cottage always look like a tornado blew through it? What fun is that? You’re supposed to be kicking back and enjoying your time away, not constantly clearing the clutter. You can do that at home! (and we can help you there too)

Wrap-Around Garage or Pantry (Silver finish). As shown $599.50

Wrap-Around Garage or Pantry (Silver finish). As shown $599.50

Durable wire shelving can tame even the most stubborn clutter storms.

If you’re looking for a solution but can’t quite figure out what it is, come talk to the storage and organization experts at Space Age Shelving Burlington. We know what we’re doing and we’ll take the time to understand your problems and how to solve them.

AdjustAshelf wire shelving comes in pre-assembled kits, and can also be custom cut for every space.

Spend more time outdoors relaxing than indoors constantly tidying up! Talk to us!