What Kids Need for Dorm Rooms this Fall

4 Secrets to Maximizing Small Spaces!

Look up, look down, look all around! That’s what you can do to maximize every inch of available space, especially in dorm rooms, studio apartments, and cottages!

Know someone moving into a compact space? Be a friend and share these ideas for maximum space in minimum footage.


1. Closets

Think vertically. Double your space with a double rod, additional shelving or a rolling cart for the lower half of the closet. Don’t forget about shoe storage! We have lots of space saving options in the store. And you can shop online!

2. Laundry

Look for the 3 C’s when it comes to choosing containers for gathering and transporting laundry:

  1. compact
  2. creative
  3. easy to carry


3. Bathroom

Bathrooms usually present the biggest challenges when it comes to towels, personal hygiene, hairstyling and makeup products. Shower caddies come in all shapes and sizes as do towel racks, hooks, bars, over the door space savers and easy to carry baskets.

Ask us how you can create more space in your bathroom (or bedroom or kitchen or basement or garage). We’re closet and storage specialists, after all.


4. Doors and Walls

Let doors and walls become home to necessities and decor. Look for grids, hooks, shelves, and over the door options to keep everything off the floor.

If nails, tacks and hooks are no-no’s, remember, removable adhesive strips are our friends (especially in dorm rooms).

If you’ve got a small space, tough closet, cupboard, or corner crying out for help, talk to us! We’ve been helping people save space and get organized for nearly 30 years. We proudly offer in-home consultations, spectacular customer service and custom designed solutions for even the toughest storage and organization problems. Get a free quote!