Tips & Tricks for Organizing a Child’s Closet

Organize Yourself at Space Age ShelvingWe all want to teach independence to our children… to dress themselves, take care of their belongings, and keep their bedrooms neat and tidy.

Here are 7 tips and tricks that will help you and your child avoid the messy closets.

  1. Take an inventory of everything that should be in your child’s room or closet. This is a good time to donate, consign, hand-down, or toss items that don’t fit, aren’t played with, or simply need to go.
  2. Define and deal with problem areas, for example an abundance of shoes, games, stuffed toys, or sweaters.
  3. Group like with like.
  4. Keep it together. Avoid putting half of anything in two places, such as shoes or jackets in the bedroom AND hall closet.
  5. Get down! Most closets have clothing rods at adult height. Position rods, shelves, bins and baskets so children can easily reach them. (Clever)
  6. Label everything using colours, letters, and pictures so children remember where to find and return things.
  7. Hook it, hang it, hold it. Be creative when it comes to storage and organizing for children. The more fun you make it, the more they’ll use it!

At Space Age Shelving Burlington we’ve been helping parents get their homes and offices organized since 1986. Talk to us about your storage and organization problems today! It won’t hurt a bit!