Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Are You a “Get Organized” Spring Cleaner?

spring cleaning with Space Age ShelvingMonday, March 20 is the first day of Spring and to many people that means “Spring Cleaning”.

Before the dumpster is backed into your driveway, consider these landfill diversion tactics:

Start by choosing the area you want to Spring Clean. Don’t try and do the entire house in one go. It just won’t work. The goal is to sort and empty one space. Grab and label 4 boxes (available free at grocery stores): trash, donate, consign, keep.

Trash: Let’s face it, there are going to be broken down or dirty/stained items that need to be kicked to the curb. Use your local “bulk pick up day” for larger items. Get over the faulty logic of, “I haven’t used it in 30 years, but I might need it some day”.

Donate: Household items and clothing are always appreciated by charities like The Compassion Society, Salvation Army,  Good Will, the Reuse Centre and ReStore. When you finish sorting, put the “Donate” box into your car and take it to a centre or drop it in the donation box many shopping centres have on their property. Don’t forget about electronics (old t.v.’s, computers, monitors, etc..). Find a drop off location at Ontario Electronic Stewardship.

Consign: You may have a treasure trove of previously adored items you’re ready to let go. Who says you can’t sell your stuff and make a little extra cash? There are on-line and storefront consignment options galore. The general rule of thumb when consigning is to ensure that the item is in good condition and sparkling clean. Call the consignment store first to see what they’re in the market for at present.

Keep:  Now you know why it’s important to sort and empty your space. Suddenly you can see exactly what’s left and the type of storage and organization you need. Before you start piling and stacking your items back into your space, ask yourself, “is there a better way to organize this”?

At Space Age Shelving Burlington, we love storage and organization challenges that’s why we offer complimentary consultations in homes and offices. Get yours today!