Score! Keeping Sports Gear Organized is No Easy Task!

sports gearAh, the sporting life…

Sports enthusiastis unite! Keeping sports equipment and gear is a rewarding but tricky game. Camping and hiking gear, baseball gloves, bats, shoulder pads and helmets, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, tennis racquets…  You and your family want to have fun – and we want you to, so here are some tips to help you keep your gear organized, accessible and game-ready… because there’s nothing worse than being late for a game because you couldn’t find your gear.

  • Create a space for each sport/recreational activity and store like with like (ie camping gear, cycling gear, hockey gear, baseball gear)
  • Stow out-of-season gear away from in-season gear so it’s easy to spot. Look up – there’s probably some space on the garage ceiling
  • Store your footwear and potentially stinky gear in the garage where it can air out
  • Clear out, sell or donate the old equipment the kids have grown out of or aren’t interested in any more
  • Keep everything clean (tents, sleeping bags, etc.) and ready for your next event.

Finding your sports gear shouldn’t be a frustrating scrimmage. We can help! We’ll custom design and build a storage system in your garage, closet or basement that’s award worthy and friendly on the budget. Here’s to outdoor sports season! Book your complimentary in-home consultation today!