Open Wire Metal Shelving That’s Easy to Install (and looks great!)

Adjustable Wire Closet Shelving Organizers

reach in closet wire organizer

72″ Closet (Silver finish with Walnut Fascia). As shown: $809. Without Walnut Fascia: $594

Create more space with AdjustAshelf adjustable and durable wire closet organizers and storage systems.

Why do we love AdjustAshelf so much?

  1. AdjustAshelf is easy to install
  2. AdjustAshelf is made of high quality, durable components
  3. AdjustAshelf will stand up to every storage challenge.
  4. AdjustAshelf is manufactured to our exact specifications!
  5. Like everything else at Space Age Shelving, our prices are guaranteed to be the best. How can we do that? We don’t have huge overhead costs. It’s that simple.

AdjustAshelf wire closet and shelving systems can organize and optimize any closet, living or workspace in and around your home, such as linen closets, bedroom closets, hallway closets, pantries, home offices, garages, and so much more…

AdjustAshelf wire closet organizers are offered in:

(a) easy to install kits in 24″, 48″, 60″, 72″ widths. Buy online now!
(b) custom sizes for non-standard spaces. Stop by with the measurements and we’ll cut to your specs FREE!

Try our handy design worksheet, request a FREE quote and let us help you make the most of your space. You can also schedule a complimentary (as in FREE) in-home consultationAdditional components, such as standards, brackets, wire shelving, baskets and other parts are also available in durable and versatile white or silver finishes. You can even add walnut or natural fascia fronts to dress up your project.

cup of teaIs installation not your cup of tea?

Talk to us. We can take care of installing your adjustable wire shelving system for a modest additional fee.

Ready to get going? Here’s a starting point.  Let’s start planning your perfect closet or space today!

AdjustAshelf… adjustable to every need! What would you like to organize today?