Looking for Storage and Organization Solutions in Burlington?

Why choose Space Age Shelving Burlington instead of another custom melamine and adjustable wire shelving supplier? Here’s one of the answers from Neil Balter, CEO of Organizers Direct. Watch the video. maxresdefault.jpgThere are many other reasons we are the best of the best when it comes to Closet and Storage Organization:

  • That’s all we do! We design and install storage and organization systems for homes, offices, basements, kitchens, pantries, kids rooms, garages, everywhere!
  • We’ve been in business nearly 30 years, so we know a thing or two about what people need and what products are available to satisfy those needs.
  • We do the installation ourselves! We don’t sub-contract or outsource customer orders.
  • We work with interior designers, decorators, renovators, professional organizers, as well as direct with homeowners.
  • We offer complimentary consultations.
  • We offer reasonable prices and guaranteed results.
  • We have access to all the latest designs, colours and styles in custom melamine solutions and adjustable wire shelving.
  • We’re friendly and approachable!
  • We have a pretty nice showroom where you can see many displays of shelving configurations, colours and styles. We have lots of accessories too!
  • We’re conveniently located in Burlington.

Those are just a few of the reasons Space Age Shelving Burlington has become a leader in the storage and organization business. Come see for yourself!

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