Increase Your Income in 2016!

adjustable wire shelvingWe’re looking for like-minded business people to become dealers for our adjustable wire shelving components and systems, called AdjustAshelf. If you own a home improvement business, are in the design, decorating or professional organizing industry we’d love to talk to you!

10 Reasons You Should Become an AdjustAshelf Dealer:

1. We offer generous dealer discounts. (Creating an additional revenue stream for your business.)

2. There is NO minimum inventory to maintain. (Saving you space and the many hassles of managing inventory.)

3. There is NO minimum order. (This allows you the flexibility to order what you want when you want it.)

4. We offer FREE shipping on orders over $2,500. (Another value-added option.)

5. AdjustAshelf components are made of higher quality materials than competitive products (like ClosetMaid or Rubbermaid). AdjustAshelf comes in white and silver finishes with optional walnut and natural fascia for shelf and drawer fronts. (Your customers will be impressed by the quality and impressive appearance of AdjustAshelf components. Let us know if you would like to see samples of AdjustAshelf.)

6. AdjustAshelf adjustable wire closet systems come in easy to install pre-assembled boxes in 24″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ widths. (You’ll receive one box with all the components in it for each closet. There is no need to sort or count.)

7. We can custom cut for larger, wraparound, or non-standard spaces without affecting delivery time. (This will enhance your customers’ experience, build trust and increase sales opportunities by cross marketing in other areas of your business.)

8. We are available to help you and your customers design the best storage and organizing system for their needs. (We become part of your team.You’ll be working with experts who know their stuff, not hourly paid employees tasked with selling what is available. )

9. AdjustAshelf installation instructions are easy to follow and are available on our website. (AdjustAshelf is the best quality and easiest to install shelving system available today. No missing words, strange translations, or incomplete sentences. The slide show on our website illustrates exactly how easy AdjustAshelf is to install.)

10. AdjustAshelf components are compatible with elfa® and ELEMENT SYSTEM. Even if your customer has older components, AdjustAshelf will still work. (We know because we sold elfa® and ELEMENT SYSTEM for many years.)

Have we piqued your interest about AdjustAshelf? Browse our website to see the other AdjustAshelf dealers. Let’s continue the conversation.