Getting Organized for Fall – Part One

Cleaning Out Your Closet – How to Decide What to Keep!

messy closetA new season often means buying new clothes, shoes, purses and accessories – and trying to find space to store it all. If your closet is already overflowing and you haven’t even gone fall shopping yet – start by figuring out what you have and what you wear, before deciding what you need. Here are a few tips to help you conquer your closet clutter. Start by labelling 4 bags or boxes:  (1) Keep (2) Consign (3) Donate (4) Trash. Then take one item at a time out of your closet and consider it. If you haven’t worn it in a while, figure out why.

  • Clothes and shoes that will be back in style someday. Even if similar styles do come back, the materials and colour combinations are never quite the same. Pack a few prized pieces away for Halloween, then say so-long to the others.
  • “If it’s too good to get rid of, why don’t I wear it?” If you don’t feel confident and comfortable wearing clothing, or it no longer conveys the image you wish to present to the world, say bye bye.
  • The “why did I buy that?” guilt trip. We’ve all done it… purchased something that we thought looked great or had a ridiculously low price tag only to discover reality when we got home. Farewell guilt, hello space!
  • Wardrobes big and small. Do you have one wardrobe for before the diet and one for after? Keep the clothes you believe may fit in the next year (be honest), but remove them from your primary closet space. Ciao.
  • If the shoe doesn’t fit. They may have cost you a bundle, but if they hurt or you’ve worn them until the insoles curl or the heels are worn down, it’s time to split. Arrivederci.
  • Purses and accessories that have seen better days. Sometimes we’re so used to wearing or carrying items we stop seeing them for what they are. Old and worn. It’s retirement time.

Be honest and critical reach in closetwhen cleaning our your closet. There are lots of ways you can feel really good about the process, especially when you’re donating to those in need.

Begin with the end in mind – a neat, organized closet.

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