Garage/Basement Flooding: How to Avoid a Soggy Cleanup!

rainy weather We’ve had some crazy weather lately with fast moving thunderstorms and torrential downpours with only a moment’s notice. Don’t be left with a soggy mess in your garage or basement. Be proactive. Get your tools, garden/patio furniture and supplies, and sports gear off the floor. Hang it, rack it, and stack it before unexpected flooding puts a damper on your day! Talk to the storage and organization professionals at Space Age Shelving Burlington for answers to your toughest storage questions.

Garage Safety

Not only is it dangerous for you and your kids to be wandering around in a garage where there are sharp edges and trip hazards everywhere, it’s dangerous for your fur babies and human little ones, especially sweet-smelling liquids like anti-freeze.

Avoid Using Cardboard to Store Items

Cardboard absorbs moisture which attracts mold and pests. Plastic is a better choice for long-term storage of items in your basement and/or garage.

Let us design a solution for your garage, basement, or shed – that fits your needs and budget. We can do it. They don’t call us The Storage and Organizing Specialists for nothing!

p.s. The added benefit of having a well-organized storage space is peace of mind.