Don’t Enter our Contest

Don't enter the Space Age Shelving contest to win a $300 Organizing Project. No! Don't do it!Here’s why you don’t want to enter our contest to win a $300 organizing project from Space Age Shelving Burlington.

  • You don’t want helpful advice from the professional organizers (and terrific bloggers) at Space Age Shelving
  • You don’t want to know about new storage and organizing products, solutions and ideas for the toughest areas of your home
  • You don’t want to know about specials and sales (like the free shipping event on now for a limited time)
  • You don’t want to get organized
  • You don’t need a storage and organization solution for any area of your home or office.

Golly, that is a lot of don’ts, isn’t it?

But if you do want all the above, enter before March 31, 2015.