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Bedroom Closet Design Plans to End the Seasonal Shuffle.

seasonal clothing shuffleSo you’re standing in front of your reach-in closet or walk-in closet and wishing you didn’t have to do the “seasonal shuffle”. That’s when last season’s clothes get packed away and this season’s replace them (except for the wrinkles of course). Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to do this two-step every few months?

End the madness! Let us help you design a bedroom closet you’ll want to live in! Get yourself organized. Is your husband’s stuff in another closet in the house? Gasp… (It’s okay, we see it all the time.)

Your kids reach-in closet can be redesigned for clothes, sure… but how about a workstation so they can do their homework? Or how about designing your walk-in closet to include sweater storage, shoe storage, and a quiet place where you can do your hair and make-up (or last but not least, ironing)?

The professional closet organizers at Space Age Shelving will show you great closet systems that will make your heart sing! Click for custom closet ideas and inspiration!

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