Autumn Organizing

You’ve had a blast this summer with all your new gardening tools, pool toys and sports equipment. But, uh oh…  where are you going to store it all? The basement’s finished, there’s no space in the laundry room, and the furnace room is already jam packed. Here’s the solution! Make the garage work for you!

This homeowner tried everything until we came along. Tools that continuously fell over, pots and garden decorations that got broken, and car washing brushes and mitts that went missing. Even the recycling bins are off the floor now and easier to access. We recently checked in to see how things were working – and after 2 years – they’re still loving everything we did – and the garage still looks like this… ready for 2 cars and winter!  (sorry)

Did we mention the safety aspect of having an organized garage? Not only is it dangerous for you and your kids to be wandering around in a garage where there are sharp edges and trip hazards everywhere, it’s dangerous for pets and little ones. Especially sweet-smelling liquids like anti-freeze.

Don’t forget about floods! We can’t say we’ve never had a flood in Burlington, because we have! If you were one of the unlucky ones, you had a lot of clean up to do. Would it have been avoided if all your (expensive) possessions were off the floor?

Let us design a solution for your garage, basement, or shed – that fits your needs and budget. We can do it. They don’t call us The Storage and Organizing Specialists for nothing!