A Simple Plan: Organize Your Bedroom (and Closet) for Better Sleep!

Create an Organized Bedroom and Sleep Peacefully.

The first place you open your eyes sets the tone for each new day. A serene and uncluttered bedroom promotes peaceful sleep and rejuvenation. Here are a few tips to help you create a peaceful space.

  • Keep accessories and decor minimal and personally meaningful. If your bedroom has become a dumping ground, remove any clutter or storage that does not belong. Jump over to our blog to see this fabulous master bedroom makeover.
  • The bedroom closet should not be a hiding place for negativity. Assess what you really wear, and keep only what you love and what you feel good wearing. Say goodbye to the rest by consigning or donating to a local charity.

With the clutter cleared, organize the closet. Whether it’s a simple reach-in closet like the one pictured here, or a massive walk-in closet, the principles of smart closet and storage design still apply:

reach-in bedroom closet
  • Hang the shorter items on one side (folded pants and shirts) and the longer ones on the other (dresses). This will clear up a swath of space under the short clothes, leaving the space open for things like a dresser or laundry hamper. Closets can be custom designed in melamine (shown above), available in several colours and styles or adjustable open wire shown here.
  • Walk-in closets should be organized assembly line-style. Begin with the clothes you first put on and end with items like coats, hats and accessories. Check out this spectacular walk-in closet we designed and built last year.
  • If you find yourself frustrated by tripping over your shoes, add shoe shelving, hanging storage on the back of your closet door, or stow lesser-worn or seasonal footwear under the bed. Consider moving shoes out of the bedroom to a mudroom or entryway.
  • Add chrome and acrylic accessories to keep scarves, drawers, and shelves neat and tidy. Browse our versatile collection.

We’ve been doing closet and storage design since 1989. It’s our passion. We design, supply and install storage and organization systems in every area around your home – including the garage. Let us solve your storage and organization problems today. We’re good at it – and we offer the best prices – guaranteed!